Istanbul Airport Parking

Istanbul Airport has the world’s largest multi-level parking facility with five parking lots and over 18,000 parking spots.

Istanbul Airport parking is available at both Domestic and International terminals.

Below, you’ll discover all the information you need to park your car at Istanbul Airport, including location, parking capacity, rates, and more.

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Blue, Yellow & Red Car Parks

Blue and Red car parks at Istanbul Airport have seven stories each, while Yellow car park has 3 stories. Both short-term and long-term parking options are available.

Location: Near International Terminal

Turquoise & Purple Car Parks

The Turquoise and Purple car parks have seven floors each. The highest floors are open spaces for parking. Both short-term and long-term parking choices are offered.

Location: Near Domestic Terminal

Parking Services at Istanbul Airport

All car parks at Istanbul Airport offer the following services:

Valet Parking:

Valet service is available at the CIP terminal entrance. Guests can choose valet or opt to drop off passengers at the CIP terminal and then proceed to the parking garage with their vehicles.

Technological Services:

You can find your car easily using the ‘Find My Car’ app with simple instructions. There’s also a Fast-Pass System (HGS) payment option available.

Security and Surveillance:

Istanbul Airport parking has a 24/7 CCTV system available. Security personnel and patrols work around the clock to protect your vehicle.

Vehicle Maintenance:

Istanbul Airport parking offers maintenance, repair, tire repair, and tire storage services under the trusted Bosch car brand with a guarantee. Car wash and detailing services are also available.

Istanbul Airport Parking Rates

All car parks have the same rates. You can pay with the Fast-Pass System (HGS) at the exit barrier gates available in every part of the parking garage. Motorcycle riders should use the manual payment kiosks found on floor P3.

Parking Garage Rates

0-1 hoursTRY 90TRY 40
1-3 hoursTRY 110TRY 50
3-6 hoursTRY 165TRY 80
6-12 hoursTRY 200TRY 100
12-24 hoursTRY 270TRY 135
MonthlyTRY 3455TRY 1730

Open Parking Area Rates

0-1 hoursTRY 70TRY 35
1-3 hoursTRY 80TRY 40
3-6 hoursTRY 120TRY 60
6-12 hoursTRY 135TRY 70
12-24 hoursTRY 190TRY 90
MonthlyTRY 2430TRY 1150

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